Back pain can be elimated


Each person that has pain has one hope: to get out of pain fast. In my office, we provide not only the fastest possible pain relief without the use of drugs, but treatment focused the prevention of pains’ return. In addition to that, I coach and strategize with my patients in the mysteries of Wellness Care. I’ll explain more about that later.
Lets’ say you were cleaning the leaves out of the gutters and you fell off your ladder yesterday. You’re hurting today. That’s an acute condition. Lets’ say that, ten years ago you were cleaning the leaves out of the gutter when you fell off your ladder. Your back bothered you on and off ever since but now your back really hurts. That’s a chronic condition.
Acute spinal problems always have swelling, often have stretched or torn ligaments, usually there’s muscle spasm that get worse with movement (try moving around with a back spasm) and, on occasion, has nerve pressure or a pinched nerve. If an acute spinal problem just started, then it should get better with a short course of chiropractic care. The goal for the acute problem is pain relief and nothing works as well as chiropractic care.

But for the chronic problem, it will probably take longer to fix. Why?. Because over time, muscles have gotten weaker, connective tissues have stretched, disc problems might have started, and spinal alignment has deteriorated. What about when the pain is gone in chronic problems? Here, the spine will require rehabilitation and stabilization to prevent pain from returning.
The goal of rehabilitation and stabilization is to return the normal curves and alignments of the spinal vertebra and keep them that way until all the connective tissue can adapt to hold the vertebra in proper alignment. The treatment may not be so different from acute care, but there is a decreasing frequency of the visits. The result of rehabilitation and stabilization is the prevention of future episodes of pain and improved overall health.
Wellness care considers not only the condition of your spine and nervous system, but also your fitness, immune function, mental clarity, focus, stress response, emotional well being,
enthusiasm for living and sense of purpose. Wellness care emphasizes nutrition, lifestyle, neurotransmitters, and stress management. Those who choose Wellness Care experience more energy, less illness, and a fuller expression of life.




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