Dr. David J. Lewis, DC on Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is essential to healthy living and can benefit a vast range of people.

Those that suffer from lower back pain, neck problems, headaches, severe disc degeneration, scoliosis, or have suffered a sports injury could benefit from chiropractic care. Everyone can benefit to some degree from receiving chiropractic care.Children should be checked on a regular basis to ensure no unnecessary stress has been placed on their spine through contact sports, falling, or typical childhood play.Pregnant women benefit from regular checkups throughout their pregnancy to ensure their pelvis has not suffered any torsion, which can put undue stress on the fetus and possibly lead to malpositioning. They should also be checked after giving birth, which can be very traumatic on a woman’s body. Traveling through the birth canal and simply being born can be traumatic to a newborn’s little spine as well, so it is important to have them checked as soon after they are born as possible. After infants learn to walk well, they should be checked again because they endure a lot of falls onto the base of their spine while learning to walk, which can cause vertebrae to become misaligned. Blue collar workers and athletes both put unnecessary stress on their spines on a regular basis, due to physically demanding work and workouts. This can lead to severe neck and back issues by putting undue stress on the spine. A quick checkup and any necessary treatment to immediately remedy any signs of problems will help prolong the worker’s ability to perform satisfactorily at their job and keep them feeling great while doing so, as well as help extend the athletic career of the athlete.

Students and office workers are prone to lower back pain, neck issues, headaches and wrist problems. Sitting, especially for long periods of time, causes the highest amount of stress to be placed on the spine.

Professions that require people to stay in one position for a lengthy amount of time often have high rates of chronic back and neck problems and repetitive strain disorders. Those that suffer from these ailments include hairdressers, dentists, musicians, artists, surgeons, factory workers, secretaries, etc.

The elderly can benefit greatly from chiropractic care because as they age, their flexibility and range of motion decrease dramatically. Chiropractic care can help increase their mobility and range of motion, give them more energy and help them avoid the need for prescription drugs.

Every person in every stage of life can benefit from chiropractic care. Dr. David J. Lewis, DC can help everyone achieve a healthy back, spine and nervous system. He believes in identifying the underlying problem and fixing it with corrective care. A strong, healthy spine helps maintain a healthy nervous system, which in turn keeps the immune system functioning at an optimum level, increases energy, helps to establish better sleeping patterns, and provides a higher quality of life. Schedule an appointment today to meet with Dr. Lewis and have your chiropractic needs assessed.

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